Need an Emergency Dentist on the Gold Coast?

Need an Emergency Dentist on the Gold Coast?

Many of us have been through this scary scenario – biting down on your evening meal and you hear a crack coming from your mouth.

Part of your tooth has chipped away but it is late in the evening and you may think there is no way to get to your family dentist.

However, there are emergency dentists on the Gold Coast and we here at Dentist At Southport could save you from your panic and pain.

Here a few instances that require immediate attention:

Emergency Dentist Gold Coast

Chipped, Cracked and Broken Teeth

There are many ways a tooth could become chipped or cracked.

Usually this is caused by trauma directly to the mouth or tooth itself but there are instances where part of the tooth needs little encouragement to dislodge, such as the simple act of eating.

If there is no immediate pain, then you can wait until working hours to schedule a dental appointment.

If the newly exposed part of the tooth is painfully sensitive to air, liquid or food; or if the tooth begins to darken, that means there is nerve damage and must be seen to immediately.

Painful Abscesses and Severe Toothache

Toothache is notorious as some of the worst pain an individual can experience bar childbirth.

The constant throbbing and pain whilst talking, eating or doing anything really can derail you as there is little else you can think about other than this debilitating pain.

Toothaches and abscesses are caused by infection or inflammation and should be dealt with immediately.

If left untreated, the pain will only get worse and will lead to much more severe issues in the future like jawbone problems and in the case of untreated abscesses, septicaemia.

Contact an emergency dentist on the Gold Coast as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

Losing a Tooth

If you have an adult tooth that has been knocked out, you need to seek medical attention immediately if you want any chance of saving it.

The first hour after a tooth is dislodged is the most crucial. Take the tooth by the crown, making sure you do not touch the root and wash it under cold water to remove any dirt.

Be careful not to scrub it as anything attached is important for healing. Once you have called your Gold Coast emergency dentist, try to gently place the tooth back into its socket and apply pressure.

If this isn’t an option, after rinsing the root, submerge it in milk and bring it along with you to the dentist.

Dislodged Crowns or Fillings

Losing a filling or crown is not uncommon and usually isn’t an immediate emergency.

In some cases, this could expose the inner tooth to the elements and cause nerve damage and extreme pain. Keep your filling or crown clean and safe before making your way to your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

We are emergency dentist Gold Coast registered, so call us on: (07) 5531 3211 for our After Hours Emergency Services.


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