Our testimonials provide patients a chance to see what to expect before seeing our dental team, straight from the horse’s mouth. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
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My name is Stephen James. I live at Coolangatta in Queensland, and recently had 5 dentalimplants installed by Dr Amy Ong of Dentists on Tweed and Dentist at Southport.

When I first contemplated having this procedure done, I must confess that I did hesitate. My first reason was that the outcome was unknown. The second reason was that it is relativelyexpensive. I had survived ten years with 5 missing teeth and finally decided to do something
about it. This testimonial is to put anyone’s mind at ease if they are contemplating dental implants.

Dr Amy Ong was magnificent during the procedure, which is a relatively painless one. Her reassurance and expertise has left me with five solid, strong teeth that feel as good, if not better, than my own teeth. I had forgotten about the importance of having a full set of lovely, matching teeth and I am forever grateful to her. Money well spent. The cost is irrelevant when the outcome is so good.

Again, I reiterate, if you are thinking about any form of tooth replacement, implants are by far the best way to go.

—Stephen James

Hi Amy and team. Just a thank you for a great job on my teeth. Cheers.

— Craig

I’ve always thought a person’s smile to be an important feature, but I’ve always held back on my smiles, afraid of showing people my teeth because they were so crowded, but that was all before I got Invisalign, and now that I have Invisalign, I feel so much more comfortable with my smiles. While I was embarrassed about my crowded teeth, I wasn’t too keen on wearing braces for 2 years, but I still wanted my teeth to be straight. And so Invisalign was the perfect solution! It corrected my teeth and no one even noticed that I was wearing them! I never got ulcers, I could drink soft drink and chew gym. An incredible invention that I would recommend to anyone.
— Jasmine Grigg
I’d just like to say how amazing and wonderful Dr Amalia Ong is, as she has restored my crooked teeth and transformed them into a glistening smile. I admire the generous time and hard work she has done for me throughout my 2 years of having braces, and it’ll be soon that I get to take them off and reveal her miracle work. She never ceases to amaze me with her dedication and passion towards the genuine care she expressed with her clients. I have no hesitation and am very glad to refer her to any future prospective people, not only as a great dentist and orthodontist but in entirety a lovely person who is adored by all.

— Melanie