Cosmetic Dentistry Tweed Heads

Dental Implants (Including Mini Implants)

Made up of an artificial root manufactured out of titanium metal and a replacement tooth, an implant is, as the name suggests, implanted into the jawbone to anchor the synthetic tooth in place. Mini implants are used to replace smaller missing teeth or where there is a tighter space to work with.

Both implants help to create a complete, natural looking smile, while being a long-term tooth
replacement solution. Talk to one of our dentists about dental plants today.

Teeth Whitening

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For some, a simple tooth whitening treatment may be all they need to help them become more confident in their smile. Using a tried and tested method of teeth whitening, we can help brighten your smile several levels in one session. Our dentists can advise of how many sessions may be required to achieve the look you’re after, if possible.

We use teeth whitening solution, Zoom! to help assure the best possible results for our patients.

Call or email us today to book in your teeth whitening treatment at our Tweed Heads dental surgery.


In some cases, fillings won’t provide enough protection to the tooth. When this occurs, often a crown is used to provide a protective covering. Crowns are commonly used for cosmetic enhancement purposes, to help repair decaying teeth, replace fractured fillings or in root canal treated teeth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is similar to the crown in the way they cover a tooth, encapsulating a set of teeth, rather than just one. By combining 2 or more crowns, we are able to fill in gaps created by several missing teeth. This can help restore not only the look of your smile, but assist with enhancing your chewing and speaking abilities.

To discuss helping enhance your smile, please contact our team at Dentist on Tweed today.