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Gold Coast Orthodontics: Dental Care Tips for Adolescents and Teens Braces

Gold Coast Orthodontics: Dental Care Tips for Adolescents and Teens Braces

gold-coast-orthodontics Some adolescents and teens may take proper oral hygiene for granted. However, it is around these ages that cavity occur, leading to more serious dental problems.

To help adolescents and teens properly care for their oral health, here are some top tips:

  • Some teens find brushing gruelling. They can instead use battery operated spin brush for an easier and more effective brushing action.
  • Twelve-year molars should have sealants as soon as possible.
  • Brushing the tongue side of the teeth should be done thoroughly, as food tends to accumulate especially in this area. This is where tartar usually forms.
  • If more teeth are decaying, the dentist may prescribe a more powerful toothpaste that has five times the amount of fluoride.
  • For gum bleeding due to flossing, or for corners of the mouth that are sore and cracking, the dentist may prescribe vitamin supplements or a prescription cream.
  • Mouth ulcers normally occur during dental treatments. Other causes may be stress, trauma and food sensitivity. You can put vitamin E extracts from vitamin E capsules directly onto the ulcer. You should also check toothpaste contents for sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which may cause mouth ulcer.
  • Teens love soft drinks, which contain huge amounts of acid and sugar. If it’s unavoidable to drink soft drinks, use straw to prevent the drink from getting in contact with the upper side of the front teeth. Acidic foods and drink wear away the enamel, causing the teeth to become extremely sensitive.
  • Avoid chewing tobacco, as it is known to cause oral cancer.
  • While chewing gum promotes saliva flow which helps in cleaning the mouth, it is advisable to chew on gums that have xylitol as sweetener instead of those that use sorbitol.
  • Crushing hard objects with the teeth such as ice cubes may also cause jaw discomfort.
  • Avoid sharing lipsticks and water bottles. The herpes virus, which is highly contagious, could be passed on causing cold sores among teens.
  • Regularly change your toothbrush, especially if the bristles become bent or frayed. Before brushing, make sure that the toothbrush has been thoroughly dried. You should also change your toothbrush after using it during an illness with a bacterial infection. To ensure that your toothbrush is free from contagious bacteria, it should be soaked in antiseptic solution.
  • If you are involved in physical activities such as sports, it’s a great idea to keep mouth guards handy. Wearing one prevents tooth fracture and other dental injuries. They also work perfectly well for boils and bites.
  • By the age of fifteen years, wisdom teeth start to erupt, which may cause gum infection. That’s why around these ages, wisdom tooth growth should be monitored.

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